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In the present scenario, Samsung Smart Switches is a software developed by Samsung that allows you to control your Smart TVs from either a Windows machine or a Linux machine. The software runs on the same operating system as your TV, thus simplifying your life by avoiding a number of physical modifications to the gadgets. This software comes free of cost with your Samsung Smart Switches and requires just a few minutes installation time on your PC or laptop. You can download the same on the Samsung website, install it and enjoy the various benefits of using the same software on a number of Smart TVs running in different brands.

The software uses an exclusive software stack, which enables it to run on nearly all kinds of platforms including Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS and Symbian operating systems. Moreover, Samsung has bundled the application with its TV kit, so that one doesn't have to go in for any other application. This simplifies the job of a customer support executive and decreases the workload on the system operator as well. This application also integrates with Samsung's social networking platform, MySpace.

You can download this application free of cost on the Samsung website. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your PC or laptop, you are only required to follow the on screen instructions to start using the application. One can use the application by plugging the Samsung device into the computer, as the same device doubles up as a virtual keyboard. This saves much of your time and effort as typing on a physical keyboard often becomes difficult and is time-consuming. Thus, if you own a Samsung Smart Switches, you can immediately download the application free of cost and enjoy its multiple benefits.

by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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